OC quiz made by my friend. Done with Darren and Niles because why not.

1. Do they have any undesirable sleeping habits? Eg snoring

Darren snores like a pig; Niles twitches a lot in his sleep. 

2. What sort of perfume/aftershave would your character use. What sort of smell would they give off

Darren sprays himself over with deodorant each morning, knowing his tendency to build up sweat quickly. Niles on the other hand has a thing for perfume that smells like potpourri. 

3. Does your character work out?

Naturally, they both work out as they’re in the army. Darren focuses more on muscle and duration exercises, while Niles is more concerned with his agility and speed of action.

4. What do they think of their appearance?

Darren likes the way he looks but wishes his hair would get out of his way. Niles likes his hair, but is less fond of his complexion and sometimes tries to brighten it up with hilarious results. 

5. What is your characters favourite genre of music?

Darren is a big fan of indie rock, verging on the more angsty side (bands like Breaking Benjamin, Red, Three Days Grace); Niles like soul and blues music, like Billy Joel and Del Shannon. 

6. What high school clique would your character fit into best?

Darren would hang with all the jocks, though on the outskirts of the clique. Niles would avoid all the cliques and sit on his own in the library a-tapping away on his computer and rejecting all the nerds who came up and to try and befriend him.

7. Does your character forgive easily?

Darren does, in most cases, unless you’ve really pissed him off. Niles, on the other hand, doesn’t like to forgive people easily. He doesn’t like the idea of people getting off easy for annoying him.

8. Your character is at one of those crappy school parties (the ones that play only 80s/90s music) which song is guaranteed to make them go and dance?

Darren would dance to most of the tacky songs, especially the ones from Grease. Him and Niles are guaranteed to dance to Thriller together.

9. What is your character like when drunk. Do they react differently to different types of alcohol?

Darren becomes very loudmouthed when drunk, and has a very loose tounge. Lager gets him going easily. Niles doesn’t drink much except gin or vodka. He becomes extremely emotional when drunk.

10.   Does your character have any weird kinks they’re ashamed of admitting?

Darren often fantasises about having sex in public. Niles blushes profusely at the idea of any sex and thinks of anything outside ordinary sex as ‘kinky’.

11.  Which position does your character like to sleep in?

Darren usually sleeps on his right side. Niles likes to go into a semi foetal ball position when sleeping.


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